Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been tagged! 7 Random Things About Me...

I've been tagged by Linda, Aida, Michelle, and Chelsea! Here we go... Prepare yourself!

1. I'm half Chinese. My dad's parents came here from China. People are constantly wondering what the heck I am, especially since my last name is no longer Wong. People guess Italian, Hispanic, all sorts of things, but mostly Hawaiian. I went to Maui once many years ago and oh, how I felt right at home! I looked like everyone else, and the slow pace of life there is just heavenly...

2. My hiccups are monstrous! It is absolutely embarrassing when I get a bad case of the hiccups while in public. Either this loud, high-pitched squeak comes out and everyone turns to stare at me... or I try to stifle it and my head jerks back really hard, and everyone stares at me. I guess at least my diaphragm is probably healthy.

3. I used to race snowmobiles. Sno-cross. So much fun!!! Unfortunately I haven't been on one since before I got pregnant with Hailey. Since having kids, I feel guilty doing anything too risky. Not to mention I still have trouble leaving them for more than a few hours at a time.

4. I would secretly love to be a rock star! I really would!!!

5. I am perfectionistic in the most ridiculous little ways. For example... when I go to quickly spiff up the bathroom, more than a few times I've found myself an hour later scrubbing behind the toilet with an old toothbrush. (Who ever looks that closely behind the toilet?) Another example... when I stack Chris' socks (he won't let me fold them--says it stretches them out) they have to be perfect or it will drive me nuts. Well a few days ago, just after I'd stacked them, I noticed that one was lying sloppily on top of the rest. I just stood there staring at it, dumbfounded, wondering how on earth I could have done such a thing. (Stupid, I know!) Well then Chris busts up laughing. He knows how I am so he messed the sock up on purpose to see what I would do. Okay, this is so stupid it's embarrassing!

6. Wow, what else is there... Well, my favorite subject in school was math. I am a geek and I love math.

7. I love to play the piano! I've played since I was 10, and I played some in college too. I find it so soothing and relaxing. A great stress relief!

Now who can I tag??? Everyone's already been tagged! What are the rules? I'm still new to this blogging thing :)


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Photo Shoot

This is how our photo shoot went yesterday. I couldn't get Hailey to quit doing her goofy ballerina poses :p But hey, some of them are pretty cute and it's better than the tongue-sticking-out poses!


Obviously I have a lot to learn, LOL! What is happening to my pictures? They are getting cut off!!


I'm finally ready to get this blog going! Seeing all the cool blogs out there, I've really been wanting to do this for awhile now. So... first I'll do some catch-up :)

Here's our family in 2003... just Chris, me and Hailey, before Nathan was born. I really need to scan some family pics of the 4 of us onto the computer. It's about time to do new family pictures again too! I'd like to lose some weight first. My weight has been all over the chart since having these kiddos, and right now it is NOT on the lower end!...

Hailey & Daddy

Hailey & Me

Hailey & Papa

Hailey & baby brother Nathan

Hailey lovin' on her little baby bro

Happy Nathan

The kids in their usual attire